About Begemot

About us

Begemot is a rising publisher of quality literary works, primarily in translation. We continuously promote in Macedonian a variety of eminent authors, including both classics such as Borges, Gombrowicz and Wilde, as well as contemporaries such as Alice Munro, Svetlana Alexievich or Szczepan Twardoch. In its eight-year experience, Begemot has published more than eighty titles, adequately organized in several series. Besides the main dedication to prose fiction (novels and stories), the focus on underrepresented genres such as literary reportage, children’s literature and cross-genre works is also inherent to our mission. We focus on producing thoroughly edited and high-quality translated texts, prioritizing professional integrity and a careful translation and editing process before growth and financial success.

Begemot employs and promotes a concept of organic cooperation of all parties involved in the process of transmission of a literary work from one cultural context to another (authors, translators, editors, proofreaders, promoters). We aim for mutual satisfaction from the work and maximizing the quality of our collective contribution to the literary scene.

Besides experienced translators, we proudly empower younger and promising translation talents. Our cooperation in this respect has yielded only positive results as we witnessed carefully executed, quality translations submitted by younger colleagues who appreciate the confidence and professional treatment on our part. The quality of the authored translations has been rewarded several times by relevant national and international authorities.

Our team has successfully managed multiple translation grants from over 15 funders.

We run a biannual open call for short stories resulting in an edited selection published as a free e-book on our website. The idea is to encourage and give space to both established and promising literary voices. We also run the “A propos” web section featuring intriguing articles related to the books we publish to serve as supporting explorations of the authors’ literary profiles and enrich the online literary content in Macedonian.

Begemot presents at every annual Skopje Book Fair, as well as smaller fairs and festivals throughout Macedonia. Our publications are available for purchase in almost all bookstores in the country and online.